Virtual Death Experience


Virtual Near Death Experience

Now the virtual moment of our experience of death is about to be ready. We do not want to spoil this mythical, mystical experience with pictures, but instead, give you some small insight into this universe.

In Virtual reality, the brain believes that what it is experiencing is really happening. Therefore, VR is effective in therapy and, for example, hostage-taking in the military. As a VR developer, we are filled with the feeling of doing things in VR that is impossible in the ordinary world such as flying, going up in the air, seeing yourself from above, shrinking and growing, etc.

Near-death experiences have repeatedly been described in books with words and pictures, but doing it in VR creates a completely unique experience that it seems to happen for real; you lift, fly further into another dimension with light phenomena, otherworldly sounds, or hover without a body.

This experience can be amazing even if you do not believe in the phenomenon itself more than as physical, chemical processes in your mind.

This experience can open up conversations about death in a more positive way that does not presuppose belief in the phenomenon itself.

For me, it is up to everyone whether they believe in life after death or not. My purpose is to release the taboo around death and the fear of being touched and that we can approach conversations and thoughts about death.

Soon we will release this at festivals and on steam.

Virtual Death – Det virtuella dödsögonblicket

VR-design: Åsa Egnér

Modellerare: Carolina Ask

Programmerare: Johnny Nyman

Musiker och kompositör: Hans Nilsson

Sångare: Norea Sandberg, Maria Hjorth, Gösta Petersen

Virtual Death – The virtual moment of death

VR design: Åsa Egnér

Model: Carolina Ask

Programmer: Johnny Nyman

Musician and composer: Hans Nilsson

Singers: Norea Sandberg, Maria Hjorth, Gösta Petersen